Revolving around
barristers and clerks

The cloud-based software that removes friction from practice management, saving you time, effort and money.

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More than 2,500 barristers are using BarBooks.

Revolving around barristers and clerks


Designed for sole practitioners
& clerks

Barristers  Clerks

Make running your list easier

Matter Management

Centralised overview of all matters, automatically log activities and add notes for you and your staff at any time.

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Diary Management

Sync with third-party diaries and reduce the friction of booking, collaborate with ease and ensure everyone stays up-to-date.

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Invoicing & Debt Chasing

Invoice and debt chase seamlessly, get paid faster and improve collection rates.

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Simplify banking process, transfer receipts, calculate fees, generate remittance reports and notify your barristers with just a few clicks.

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Trust Accounting

Simplify reconciliations and streamline trust accounting process, while complying with industry standards.

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Designed for barristers, by barristers

Time Tracking

Capture time spent on matters accurately.

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Matter Management

Manage matters and track tasks, directly add time entries and track progress.

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Invoice seamlessly, using customisable templates and see payments at a glance.

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Expense Recording

Track expenses and disbursements with ease, analyse your practice’s spending.

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Bank Reconciliation

Sync to your bank account, reconcile each transaction easily, saving you hours of data-entry work.

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Know your numbers
at a glance

See how your practice is tracking at a glance, stay on top of your business with ease.

  Profit & Loss Report

  GST Statement

  Financial Year End Tax Report

  Transactions Summary Report

  Aged Debtors Report

  Turnover Report

  Work in Progress Report

  Cashflow & Activity Statement


Access your work with
one tap

Manage your practice on the go.

Matter Management

Task Tracking

Expense Recording

Time Tracking

Over 2,500 barristers have billed
over $2 billion using BarBooks.

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Sole Practitioners

Sole practitioners using BarBooks to manage their practices.

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Sole Practitioners

Svenson Barristers, manages over 200 barristers using BarBooks Clerk.

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